What's it like to ride your bike through four states in the midwest in just 7 days?
Read what some of our RTFL-2016 cyclists had to say......then take a look at some
pictures from along the route, in the communities and at the attractions.

"I absolutely loved the low traffic roads."

"...incredible daily maps, very good included breakfasts....."

"Well organized and thought out in regard to all the details."

"Helpful hints on the cue sheet about opportunities to eat were informative."

"...off the bike activities were fun and often unexpectedly delightful."

"...chance to learn more about history was appreciated."

"Staff was fantastic-they are a real asset to your ride."

" The ability to ride 4 states in one tour is rare and appreciated."

"The band Drive South at Skinny J's bar and grill was awesome."

"Great maps with info sheets allowed me to know what to expect each day and find what I wanted in the overnight towns."

"Distances between rest stops was excellent as was the food selection offered."

"The route was marked impeccably....."

"...exactly as advertised, the ride was represented well. We had a good time."

"...very impressive route & town maps & cue sheets...catered dinners excellent."

"4 states, southern hospitality, well marked & supported-great support crew!"

"...choice of outdoor or indoor camping and access to pools to cool down."

"Shuttle service each night was superlative!"

"Very well marked.  The best I've ever seen."

"Routes were fun, clearly marked.  Good SAG support with cheerful staff."

"One of the best organized rides we've been part of."

"The total package was excellent-I hope to do it again next year!"

Below, enjoy our slide show of select images from the 2016 tour.

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