"Ride the Fault Line" is a 6 day bicycle tour through 4 states in the mid-Mississippi River valley. 
Register EARLY for the lowest rates and best choice of available ferry crossing times!

We want our participants to be completely informed.  Please read the information on this page carefully before beginning the registration process.  Also, be sure you have reviewed the entire Rider's Guide and waiver and fully understand and agree with their contents before registering.  They contain important information not shown here you will want to consider BEFORE registering for the tour.  The waiver requires that you must be in good physical condition with no medical conditions that could affect your ability to participate in this type of athletic event.

Read the Rider's Guide AND waiver to be sure you understand all aspects of our week long cycling tour.  Next, read the details on the ferry crossing procedures, also at the bottom of this page.   You may then begin the registration process by clicking the registration link at the bottom of this page, or by downloading and completing a mail-in entry form.  If you have unanswered questions, please contact us at rmc5487@gmail.com

 Final deadline for all registrations is May 15, 2018.   See deadlines below for applicable fees.  Everyone must  complete a registration, including non-riders.  Each registrant must read, understand, agree to, and sign a liability  waiver DURING CHECK-IN.  You should download a copy of the waiver for your perusal prior to registering  by clicking HERE. 

 Fee structure for 2018 will be announced December 1! 

  Fees: Early Regular Late


 Adult (age 22-70)

  Master (age 71+)     

  Youth (age 13-21)

  Youth (age 0-12)


  Have a friend or relative who might be interested in being a week-long volunteer?  If so, YOU may be able to ride for FREE.       Contact us for more details.  Limited number of positions available.

Looking for someone to set up your tent FOR you at the end of each day's route?  Contact our NEW tent service provider:
www.velosantecyclingservices.com/#ride-the-fault-line-2017  and make arrangements directly with them.

  Six or more cyclists registering as a club or group each receive a discount; contact us at the email below for details.

  Must come prepared to provide proof of age at check-in for youth under 22, or adults over 70.

  For the safest tour experience for all concerned, please no more than 2 children per accompanying parent.

  Everyone age 18 and over must read, comprehend, and sign the waiver form at check-in June 10.

  Everyone age 17 and younger must have a parent sign their waiver form at check-in.

  Age categories based on the age of that participant on June 10, 2017.

  Motel/B&B shuttle fee:  $100  (RTFL delivers you and 2 bags under 40# each to your lodging & picks you up in the morning)

  Non-rider fee:  $200  (Applies to "on-tour vehicle drivers" as well)

  On-tour vehicle permit   $100  (Vehicles only, includes ferry passage fees, does not cover the vehicle driver)

  NO fee, FREE week-long parking for your vehicle at the YMCA of Sikeston!

 Your registration fee INCLUDES 7 breakfast buffets, as restaurants serving an early breakfast in all our communities are inadequate in number or non-existent.

 T-shirts are available for $15; jerseys will be $65 each.  Primal will be our jersey provider again in 2018. Their sizing accurately compares with that of normal apparel, so this year you should order the same size jersey as any other shirt or jacket that fits you.  We are sorry, but no refunds can be given on jerseys or shirts for incorrect sizes, only for defects.  If you are in doubt about your size, you may wait until check-in day  and try on an actual jersey to select your size.  We'll place a late order for these jerseys in July.  Also, if  you register after April 1, (March 20 if by mail) you cannot order a jersey, as we won't be able to guarantee delivery in time for the tour.  You will need to place an order during the week of the tour.

To see an example of the jersey design,
click HERE.         To see an example of the T-shirt design,  click HERE.

 Adding merchandise AFTER having registered:
 If you decide to add a jersey or shirt AFTER having registered,  CLICK HERE.   Have your rider confirmation number  available.  (This was e-mailed to you after you completed your online registration.) We are sorry, but due to production and shipping timetables, jerseys/shirts CANNOT be added after April 1.  They will have to be ordered during the week of the event.

 If you must cancel your registration prior to April 15, 2018, there will be a $75 processing fee.  Absolutely NO refunds for ANY  reason after April 18, 2018.  Accordingly, you are STRONGLY encouraged to obtain trip interruption/cancellation insurance.
 Plans are available for approximately $50, depending on your age and selected coverage.  A source with bike tour experience is
  McKay Insurance.  Should you require medical treatment or ambulance services for any reason while on the tour, you are  responsible for payment and must therefore bring your insurance card and keep it with you on your bike.

 *Base fee includes, for each rider:  Outdoor camping space each night, free indoor camping option (first come, first serve) each night; indoor showers and/or shower trailer;  7 breakfast buffets; baggage transportation for two bags (see “Rider's Guide" page for details on types of baggage accepted); maps, cue sheets, and route markings; minimum of two SAG stops  each  day; on-route mechanical support; on-route SAG vehicle support; two luggage tags; week-long parking for one vehicle at  the  start/finish site; entertainment; overnight town shuttle bus service (where required).

  Information on flying to the tour & shipping/renting bicycles:

Many have expressed an interest in flying to the tour.  The best destination airport for this is Lambert-St. Louis airport,                     (STL) from which there is a shuttle service that will transport you from the airport to the beginning of the ride and then
         return you to the airport when the tour is over.  The provider for that service is BART Shuttle, contact them at
         800-284-2278 or
www.bartshuttle.com  For information on how to ship your bicycle to/from the event, contact VeloSante              Cycling Services.  828-545-1039 ask for Charlton.    To rent  a bike for the week, contact us at rmc5487@gmail.com

  Ferry crossing information:

On Thursday, we'll cross the Mississippi River via the Hickman-Dorena ferry.  That day, since riders will have been riding for some distance and will likely have become separated into small groups, we will not have set crossing times the way we will Saturday morning.  Consequently, you may have to wait at the western shore landing until the ferry returns westbound. There will be a rest stop set up at the west side landing with shade, water, and snacks.

First thing Saturday, right after leaving the overnight site in Hickman, we'll return to Missouri by crossing the Mississippi River on  the ferry.  For your safety, this ferry is limited by U.S. Coast Guard regulations to 150 passengers per crossing.  It will take multiple round trips to get all the riders across.  Since some people are early risers, and others may like to "sleep in", we are allowing you to select your choice of ferry departure times in advance.  To keep all crossing trips in 
balance, and not have a situation develop where 200 cyclists arrive to take the last scheduled trip, once you have indicated your preferred time, it CANNOT be changed.  You will receive a color-coded wristband at check-in with a color specific to your pre-selected crossing time. You will only be allowed to cross at the time for that color.  Note that the times listed are DEPARTURE times, when the ferry is scheduled to leave the dock.  So you should be at the ferry landing 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. You absolutely do not want to be late or you may have to wait to cross until after all the scheduled trips have been made.   These rules can't be "bent", they are requirements of the Coast Guard for your safety.

To register online:

(The online registration company will add a fee for processing the registration and credit card information.)

To download a printable registration form to mail in, click here.

To download a printable waiver form to read before signing during check-in June 10,  click here

Questions about fees, the registration process, or the group or volunteer discounts??   E-mail us at rmc5487@gmail.com

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